Digital Marketing & Video Content Marketing Strategy, Production & Analytics

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Obiettivo del corso è fornire una formazione completa e approfondita nel campo del Digital & Video Content Marketing attraverso Metodologie, Tecniche e Strumenti di Digital Marketing, Digital PR, Video Filmmaking, Editing, Marketing, Strategy & Video Analytics. Il percorso prevede lezioni frontali, lezioni attive, produzione di mobile social video, esercitazioni pratiche individuali e di gruppo, role playing e multimedia. Verranno inoltre fornite le principali nozioni sulla sicurezza sul posto di lavoro e sui diritti e doveri dei lavoratori.

Digital Marketing & Digital PR Strategy

Modulo 1. Digital Marketing & Strategy
Comunicazione Digitale e Digital Marketing & Strategy
Dal Web 1.0 al Web 2.0
Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Keywords Strategy e Visibilità sui Motori di Ricerca
Social Networking & Social Media Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing:
– Content Marketing Strategy
– Content Creation
– Content Curation
– Blogging
– Interactive Content Marketing
– Storytelling & Brand Storytelling
Online Personal Branding

Modulo 2. Digital PR Strategy
Dalle PR tradizionali alle Digital PR
Digital Marketing e Digital PR
L’impostazione di una Digital PR Strategy
Ufficio Stampa 2.0
– La regola delle 5W
– News Release (Comunicato Stampa Online)
– Article Marketing
– Rassegna Stampa Digitale
– Intervista Digitale
– Blog & Social Media
– Press Kit
Digital Influencer Marketing
Online Reputation Management
Digital Crisis Management

Social Video Content Strategy, Video Production, Optimisation, Marketing & Analytics (Video Ideation to Analytics)

Modulo 3. The Digital Landscape & Trends For 2019
The Digital Marketing Landscape
The Content Marketing Landscape
The Video Content Marketing Landscape

Modulo 4. Cinematic Digital Social Media Storytelling – Part 1- ‘Visual Development’
Cinematic Digital Social Media Storytelling & Ecosystem
Visual Communication Building Blocks
Visual Development: Photography, Design & Filmmaking Building Blocks
Digital storytelling techniques
Digital storytelling process
Video storytelling in Content Marketing
Mise en scène – Cinematic Composition
Shot Sizes
Camera Angles
Camera Movements
Creative Expressions
Sound Design
Video Branding
– Image & Colour Design’ – Style Guide
– Tone & Voice
Video Production Styles
180 rule

Modulo 5. Cinematic Digital Social Media Storytelling – Part 2- ‘Narrative Development’
Pre-Production: Narrative Development:
– Story Structure: Sequencing
– Visual Reporting
– Script writing
– Primary Content
– Secondary Content
– Shooting Script
– Storyboarding
– Production Planning / Schedule
– Location scouting
– Lighting
– Sound
– Mobile Camera Apps : iPhone & Android Apps
– ‘Filmic Pro’ App – Practical Exercises
– ‘LumaFusion’ App – Practical exercises
Post Production:
– Media Assets Types
– Logging
– From the Assembly Cut to the Final Cut
– Audio – Sound Design
– Colour Correction
– Titles & Graphics
– Audio & Video Transitions

Modulo 6. The Video Content Ecosystem 2019 Part 1 – ‘Video Analysis’
Video Lenghts & Objectives
Practical – Analyse the Story, video production & branding styles, Marketing Messages & CTA (Call To Action)
Long Form Video 2-6 minutes
Short Form Video 60 secs or less
Snackable Video 30 secs
Super Short form Video 10 secs or less
Bumper Ads 6 secs

Modulo 7. The Video Content Ecosystem 2019 Part 2 – ‘Platforms’
Video Content Creation Tools
Video Content Marketing Platforms
Video Hosting Platforms

Modulo 8. The Video Content Ecosystem 2019 Part 3 – ‘Video Content Types’
Video Portrait
Video Essay
Branded Videos – Product Features, Reviews & Services
Video Series
Behind the Scenes
Demonstration / Instruction videos
Event Videos
Expert Interviews
Animated Videos
Education / How-to-Videos
Explainer Videos
Case study & Customer Testimonial Videos
Live Video Talks / Live Presentations
Vox Pops
Announcement Videos
Personalized Video Messages
FAQ Videos
Video Emails
Blog Videos
Thank You Videos
Paid Video Courses

Modulo 9. Mobile + Social + Video: Social Video Part 1 – ‘Landscape, Types, Trends & Tools 2019’
Live Videos – Livestreaming & AMAs (Ask me Anything)
360 & Virtual reality (VR) Videos
Search technology & Video
Voice Search & Videos
Chatbot Technology & Video
Social Videos as Micro-Moments
Podcast Videos – Podcast Tapings
Virtual Conference Videos
Shoppable Video Content
Amazon Videos: Direct to Consumer
VR – Virtual Reality & Videos
AR – Augmented reality & Videos
1:1 Video – Personalised Video Messages
OTT-Over The Top Video
Interactive Video Advertising
News Feed Vs Stories: Ephemeral Content-‘Video’ as stories on social media
Stories Gamification
Q&A / Polls
Influencer takeover
Long Form vs Short Form Video Content
Video Collaborations – Influencer Marketing
Mobile Social Videos: Emerging Aspect Ratios
– 9:16 (full portrait)
– 2:3 (Vertical)
– 1:1 (Square)
– 1.9:1 (Landscape)
– DIY Video Editing Softwares & Apps
Split Screen Video Interviews
Mobile documentary
Mobile journalism report

Modulo 10. Mobile + Social + Video: Social Video Part 2 – ‘Platforms’
Common Social Media marketing Mistakes
Common Video Content marketing Mistakes
Ideal Video Lengths for social media platforms
YouTube & Social Video Platforms
Flipgrid (Vidku)
Airtime & Other

Modulo 11. Mobile + Social + Video: Social Video Part 3 – ‘ Video in Sectors’
Lifestyle, Fashion, Food & Nutrition.
Travel & tourism
Mobile journalism report / Interview
Human rights organisations
Personal branding / Brand’s service or product video
Video Blogging (Vlogs)

Modulo 12. Video Content SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
YouTube Video SEO
Website & Blog Video SEO

Modulo 13. Video Content Marketing Strategy
Video Strategy Planning Canvas
Situation Analysis
Calendar Timeline:
– Pop Culture & Calendar Events
– Industry Events
– Industry Experts Conferences
– Live Stream / Social Stories Premiere Events
Business Goal
Video Marketing SMART Objectives
Target Audience
Buyer’s Journey
Video Media Types: Converged media; owned, paid, earned & shared media
Videomaking for Customer’s Journey – Video as an interaction point/channel in Buyer’s journey
Video Marketing Funnel – AIDA
– TOFU – Top of the Funnel Videos
– MOFU – Middle of the Funnel Videos
– BOFU – Bottom of the Funnel Videos
Video in ‘Advanced Content Marketing Matrix’
Video Content Planner / Editorial Calendar
Repurposing Brand’s Video Content x 5 times
Video Content & Types
Video Marketing Channels

Modulo 14. Video Marketing Analytics
Marketing Analytics
Video Marketing Measurement Plan Model
Video Metrics & KPIs (Key performance indicators)
YouTube Analytics

From social video Ideation to Analytics: Strategize, Script, Shoot & Edit, Optimise, Market & Analyse a mobile social video between 06 secs to 60 seconds
Strategize, Script, Shoot & Edit, Optimise, Market & Analyse a social video between 06 secs to 60 seconds for one of the sectors studied in the class.
Lifestyle, Fashion, Food & Nutrition.
Travel & Tourism
Mobile Journalism Report / Interview
Human Rights Organisations
Personal Branding / Brand’s service or Product Video
Video Blogging (Vlogs)
Complete the following Tasks:
Exercise 01: Develop a video marketing strategy
Exercise 02: Produce, direct & edit a 06 sec to 60 seconds video
Exercise 03: Optimise the video with SEO
Exercise 04: Market it according to the strategy
Exercise 05: Develop a video marketing measurement plan to measure the effectiveness of the video


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